Accuracy Vs Distance – Which Is More Important?

Accuracy Vs Distance – Which Is More Important?

PG (and our followers) Attempt An Answer!

It’s the age old debate in golf, distance versus accuracy, power versus precision. So we put it to our faithful Twitter and Facebook followers, in order to get an answer from some keen and knowledgeable golfers, and asked them this:






Now we had A LOT of responses for this from you guys. Here’s a few of the best. First up: Those that went for accuracy…



Darren on Twitter doesn’t mess about. Definitive answer. What we like to see!





Martin over on Facebook sums it up well, hitting it further can sometime mean hitting it further in the wrong direction!




Grahame, also on Facebook, obviously has his mind on avoiding certain forfeits, but would still prefer accuracy.




However, it wasn’t all accuracy. Here’s a few of our followers out there that would rather see the ball getting some serious hang-time.



Robert on Facebook putting his pride aside to let us know that an extra 30 yards would definitely be high on his list.




Sam on Twitter gives the argument that distance can be considered more impressive and macho.




So, I know what you’re thinking. Did distance or accuracy get more votes? Well, there was an overwhelming winner in the debate. Accuracy. Over 78% of you decided that if you could have one thing on every shot, it would be to see your ball heading straight down the fairway. Now, although we’re not entirely surprised by this, it does beg the question – “Why is the vast majority of new golf equipment released with promises regarding distance improvement?”. Here are just a few examples:


























This really does make you wonder.. why are there no new product coming from manufacturers marketed as ‘The Straightest Driver Ever”, or the “Irons Which Never Miss a Green”?


Here at Precision Golf we focus on not only finding the club/shaft combination that will get you the extra yards you crave, but also the optimal balance to ensure you are splitting the fairways or finding the green in regulation more than ever before. So when will OEM’s decide that distance is not the be-all and end-all? Eventually technology will be unable to continue improving driving distances without breaking equipment rules, so for now, we’ll have to hold our breath.


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