Ban the Long Putter?

Ban the Long Putter?

You Must Be Joking!

The Belly Putter and anchoring Bifurcation debates are a hot-topic at the moment, especially now as the R&A are due to make an announcement of some kind in the not-too-distant future, but PG Club Fitter Jack Symons thinks banning long and belly putters is not the way to go…

People who know me know of my strong opinions towards certain subjects, and this issue is a big one, and I want to get people to jump off the bandwagon of banning belly putters.

The bottom line is, it was made legal, and initially was tested by tour players who struggled on the greens. Because these golfers had no huge success, they just carried on.

Eventually, in an effort to find the Holy Grail, good putters started using them, not because they were bad putters, but because they felt they may putt better with them. Consequently, there has been more usage and more success.

So, if I understand this correctly, it is ok to pass a product as legal, as long as it doesn’t work very well? Using a long putter may give slightly more stability, but you still need to get line and pace. You are also giving up all the feel and touch you have developed through years of using a standard length putter.

Put it this way, if it really made a better, more reliable stroke resulting in more putts being holed, everybody, not some, not a few, EVERY tour player would use one. The same way that EVERY tour player uses a titanium head driver, instead of a wooden one.

Using a long putter in no way has a drastic effect on the way a golf ball performs – unlike a 460CC titanium driver that will propel the ball massively further; or a super golf ball that performs consistently and allows people to hit the ball as hard as possible, because it doesn’t really spin, it takes shot making largely out of the game.

So, allow the super hot driver, allow a ball which allows people to get away with poor golf shots and put less of a premium on shot making, but ban a certain type of putter which has very recently yielded some success?

Closing point – the current world rankings show 7 out of the top 10 players using standard length putters…


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