“Condition of Competition”

“Condition of Competition”

What the Groove Change Rules Mean for Your Game

Precision-Golf-Groove-ChangesAs our commitment to ensure you get the most out of your equipment and game, we thought it would be a good idea to remind you of the future “Groove Rule Change” and how this will affect you.

To conform to the new regulations, manufacturers have to produce equipment that meets the “Condition of Competition” requirements which includes not only wedges, but irons too.

What has happened so far is that from January 1st 2010, all elite tours including the European Tour & PGA Tour must now use conforming grooves under the “Condition of Competition” rules.

As from January 1st 2011, manufacturers will no longer be able to produce or supply non-conforming heads and will only be able to manufacture heads that conform to the new groove rule. However, depending on your status you will still be able to use non-conforming grooves until the following dates:

January 1st 2014 – Elite amateur events & developmental professional tours

January 1st 2024 – “Condition of Competition” rule in force for all golfers

Even though retailers and fitters will still be able to sell non-conforming heads, provided they have stock, by 2024 it is expected that all golfers will have made the transition to conform to the new regulations. With the dates set for the slow integration of the new rules, for many of us we will not need to worry about it just yet. However, if you do want to upgrade or replace your wedges, or would like back-up wedges which are non-conforming, then time is running out as we will only be able to obtain such models until the end of the 2010.

To conclude, if purchasing equipment that entered the market before January 1st 2011, the likelihood is that these will be non-conforming heads. Any equipment released after this date by the manufacturers will have to conform to the new regulations and will have some kind of insignia on the club head to denote its conforming status.


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