Does The PGA Tour Have The Right To Overlook The Long Putter Ban?

Does The PGA Tour Have The Right To Overlook The Long Putter Ban?

For & Against Arguments!


After months upon months of speculation, we thought the matter was finally decided; the long or ‘anchored’ putter would be banned and never seen in competitive play again. However, stories have recently come to the fore that The PGA Tour, the largest, most watched and biggest money spinning golf tour on the planet was thinking of protesting the ban and going against the ruling of the R&A and the USGA. So, with this potential divide between the golf’s ruling bodies and golf’s superpower Tour, it has been put to PG’s Simon & Jack, to give an argument for each side. Feel free to Tweet or Facebook us with who you agree with!



I feel the PGA Tour has the right to protect many of the marquee players that make the PGA Tour by far and away the biggest tour in the world. Like it or not, the PGA Tour is on another level from the European tour, not to mention any other tour. It has more money, more ranking points, and consistently attracts the world’s best to up root their homelands to compete there. So why shouldn’t they have a bigger seat at the decision making table? Players on the PGA Tour have been using long putters for nearly 20 years. The PGA Tour is golfs superpower, generates more charity money each year than the NFL, NBA & NHL combined, is televised in over 100 countries every week, and they should not have to be ruled by ball and chain by organisations who contribute far less to the game.

Oh and here’s a stat for those of you who think the belly putter is an easier way to putt, last year’s PGA Tour putting stats show that only 3 of the top 60 putters on tour were using long putters, so you can’t say they were making putting too easy..



Firstly the R&A and the USGA are the governing bodies of the game as a whole and have been entrusted with the rules of the game ever since it began – the rules of the game are there for everyone that plays it and there should not be a split between the major Professional tours and the rules which the rest of us play by.

On the subject of the belly putter itself the major issue was that it was ever allowed in the first place. The definition of a “stroke” is a “free swing of the club” and as such to allow a club which is anchored at one end contravenes that fundamental rule. Whilst the mistake was made 30 years ago thee rules bodies should be free to change and alter those rules whenever they see fit. There has been a consultation period and so they have not merely proposed a rule change on a whim and whilst I understand that there are some players who have never used a short putter, the base action is the same and their exceptional levels of skill should allow them to adapt relatively quickly.

The Tour is not above the game and no matter how much money they make for charity or viewers they have they should respect the decisions of the rule-makers, just us the rest of us have to. To complain about a rule change in this way shows a lack of respect for the game and to do it in such a public way is, in my opinion, no different to a footballer going up to the referee and shouting at him when he disagrees with a decision.


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