Golf Performance and Biomechanics Assessments

Golf Performance and Biomechanics Assessments

Physical Strength and Weakness Assessment

Precision Golf is continuing to evolve and as part of that we want to provide our clients with access to the best possible services tailored to their game and enjoyment.

As PG begins to offer Golf Performance and Biomechanics Assessments with new resident Chiropractor and physical movement specialist, Stuart Robinson, we delve deeper into what the assessment process entails and how it can help.


Many golfers find it is difficult to consistently produce the swing movements that they need to produce routinely good results. Coaching performs a key part of this but often players find that the same faults keep creeping back into their games.

Often this has a lot to do with how our body moves and how much flexibility, strength and balance we have in the key areas of our body. This is where biomechanics becomes critically important. Only by knowing which muscles and joints need to be more flexible, which need to be stronger and whether we need to improve our balance can we give ourselves the best chance of producing consistently good results.

At Precision golf we now have the unique situation of having experts in golf coaching (Stuart Cartwright), biomechanics and performance (Stuart Robinson) and custom fitting of equipment (Simon Cooper and James Davey) all under one roof. The collaboration of coaching and biomechanics and performance expertise means that we are able to quickly focus in on how to improve a player’s movement in the golf swing to deliver the best results in the shortest time.  In addition the custom fitting services will ensure that players have the very best clubs for their games.

How We Assess Each Player

During the course of a 2-hour biomechanics assessment Stuart uses a wide range of tests of muscles and joints to determine where each individuals physical strengths and weaknesses are. He takes a detailed history of any past injuries you have had and the potential causes of these. This involves looking in detail at the range of movement of all the major joints of the body, including the spine. Objective measures of core muscle endurance will be tested and compared to future scores to monitor improvement.

Stuart will also include a detailed video analysis of many movements and exercises that closely relate to golf. He then analyses video footage of each player’s golf swing to see how his or her physical strengths and weaknesses affect their golf swing.

Using our team set-up we can then assimilate the information gained about a player’s golf swing (from Stuart Cartwright’s coaching) with the physical findings from the biomechanics assessment. This information can then be used to produce a performance programme tailored to your specific needs as well as appropriate coaching and instruction to improve your technique. You will then be taught your new exercise programme in a follow-up session and your progress will be monitored.

Being assessed in this way forms an essential part of improving your golf. Virtually all the high performing amateur and professional golfers are looking very closely at their physical capabilities as the game’s best golfers become increasingly strong, flexible and athletic. Once we have assessed the key areas requiring improvement you will be provided with a personalised performance programme of exercises to enable you to become fitter, stronger and more flexible to meet the requirements of the golf swing.

Prove It

Numerous Scientific studies have demonstrated that in as little as 6-8 weeks golfers from teenage collegiate athletes to golfers in their 60’s and 70’s can significantly increase their flexibility and strength.  Which results in more club head speed and longer drives. Some studies even demonstrated an improvement in putting performance!

A summary of one study’s results a shown below:

  • Movement range increased 11.9 degrees in shoulder abduction, 15.3 degrees in hip flexion and 8 degrees in hip extension. On average, joint flexibility in the shoulder and hip areas improved by 24 percent.
  • The muscle strength assessments showed a 31.9-pound increase in the 10-repetition maximum leg extension weight load (an improvement of 55%). Finally, the golfers achieved on average a 5 mph increase in their club head speed. This indicated a 6 percent improvement in driving power. That equates to turning a 250 yard drive into a 265 yard drive!

As precision golf have some of the most sophisticated golf analysis equipment, we can track the improvements in your club head speed and driving distance as well as analyse the improvements in your swing technique (which can be in collaboration with your teaching professional).

Even Better News

Those who strength trained lost about 4 pounds of fat weight and added about 4 pounds of lean (muscle) weight. In both of the initial studies, the golfers experienced about a 5 percent decrease in resting blood pressure.

This evidence clearly shows that appropriate exercise delivered by an expert can produce significant improvements for golfers of all ages and abilities. Most of the studies only required that the golfers trained 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes, so it doesn’t need to be a huge investment in time.

The cost of the 2-hour sessions (including a personalised performance programme provided) is £199. Follow up 1 hour consultations are £99.