Hybrid Shots

Hybrid Shots

How to Go About Choosing the Perfect Hybrid Head-Type

There are two main types of hybrid head styles to choose from, you can use a hybrid that has a “wood like” profile or a hybrid that has an “iron like profile”. The type you should choose should depend on certain things:

  1. What type of shots you are trying to play
  2. What type of swing you have

Iron-Like Profile

 Type Of Shot:

If you are looking for a club to penetrate the wind, or hit the ball with the flight of a long iron, then an “iron like hybrid” would be the best choice, such as the Cobra Baffler Rail H.

How to Play The Shot:

You should aim to play the shot as you would a mid/long iron, such as a 5 iron. The ball should be played between the middle of your stance and front foot and the ball should be struck with a descending, reasonably aggressive blow, causing the ball before turf contact you would desire from an iron shot. In order to help hit down on the ball, you need a steeper angle of attack, which can be achieved by placing more weight on the front foot, and placing the ball slightly further back in your stance. It is very important not to try to “help” the ball into the air with this type of shot, as you must hit down confidently on the ball and let the loft on the club and the head profile produce the ball flight.

Wood-Like Profile

Type of Shot:

If you are looking for more of a wood like hybrid, such as the Taylor Made Burner Superfast 2.0, you are going to get a higher, softer flight but with less spin than a fairway wood and with the shorter shaft providing more control.

How to Play The Shot:

You should aim to play this much more like a wood, with the ball slightly forward in your stance, trying to sweep the ball off the ground more than hitting down on it. To get more height out of the shot, you can do this by “shallowing” your angle of approach, which can be done by playing the ball slightly further forward than normal, and placing more weight on your back foot, and on your heels

How to win the Open

The Open Championship is due to be played at Royal St Georges, Sandwich, on the 14th – 17th July, and as ever, the winner will be the person who stays patient, putts well, and controls the trajectory of his irons shots in the potentially gale force winds and slippery putting surfaces.

To hit a low, controlled iron shot into the wind, the following steps should be incorporated:

  1. Play the ball slightly further back in the stance to lower the initial trajectory
  2. A lower lofted club must be selected, and hit smoothly which keeps the launch lower and ensures the ball doesn’t spin up into the wind. (“if it’s breezy, swing it easy!”)
  3. Your hands must be ahead of the ball at impact, taking loft off the club.
  4. The follow through needs to be abbreviated, with the right arm chasing low, in order to keep the ball down further.