Precision Golf Are Now Offering Lessons!

Precision Golf Are Now Offering Lessons!

The Most Effective and Advanced Golf Lessons Available

Over the past few months or so, our club fitters have been becoming more and more alarmed at some of the golf swings we have been seeing in the studio, even from those who claim to be undertaking lessons. As European leaders in custom fitting, we are dedicated to seeing our clients get the most out of their games, and the clubs we have fitted have seen dramatic performance improvements and tumbling handicaps. However, we want to go that step further, so we are now offering the most effective golf lessons you can find.

How many times have you had a lesson, or just tried a quick tip that someone has told you, only to hear someone say “oh that looks better”. Well, here at PG, we can show you precisely why you hit your bad shots, precisely how you can to eliminate them and precisely what improvements you have made.

Not only will you have a lesson with a PGA Professional, with a high degree of experience in golf instruction and industry leading knowledge of equipment technology, but all lessons will utilise Trackman, the most advanced and accurate data capture system in the world. It’s no coincidence that Trackman is the choice of the PGA Tour and R&A for ball flight and swing analysis, is used by top tour pros including Phil Mickleson, Ian Poulter and Justin Rose, and is described as “law” by Tiger Woods. Furthermore, with MyTrackman, you can access your lesson data at home, on your smartphone or on your tablet, to really understand changes to your swing.

Lessons with Precision Golf are unique. The clear and concise data from the Trackman will be thoroughly interpreted by our on-site experts to allow you to fully understand and see improvements, something that golfers of any handicap or ability can benefit from. Our indoor studio, keeping you out of the cold, ensures that there are no external variables to influence your swing or ball-flight.

The benefits of indoor lessons in a controlled environment allow you to concentrate on your technical alterations, ensuring a controlled environment to focus on your swing rather than constantly worrying about ball-flight that may be affected by wind or a lower compression range ball. Furthermore, we use your golf ball to ensure your numbers and flight are completely applicable to your game on the course. All of this combined with detailed visual tracking of your progress that you can take home with you makes lessons at PG the most beneficial lesson you can have.


£75 for 1 x 45 minute lesson

£350 for 6 x 45 minute lessons







Just an example of the data that can be seen during a lesson at Precision Golf.


For more information on the lessons available at Precision Golf, or to book or enquire into availability, feel free to contact the PG Team on +441784 470088 or with your questions!