Thinking of Buying a New Driver?

Thinking of Buying a New Driver?

PG's Jack has a a few words of advice for you!

Golfers… Don’t be sucked in by marketing!

Another golf season is well in the thick of things. For once the weather has been kind, and as golfers seek out ways to play better, it’s almost impossible to ignore the marketing spiel that manufacturers are coming out with.

Watch golf, you will no doubt have been put through the embarrassing commercials, “our longest driver yet”, “explosive distance”, “these many more yards than previous models”.

Well I’m here, not as an aggressive commercial company trying to sell you another toy, but to give you some hard facts.

Driving Distance average on PGA Tour 2003 – 287.5

Driving Distance average on PGA Tour 2013 – 290.3

That’s 3 yards in 10 years, an increase of 0.3 yards per year. Also, the current driving distance on the PGA Tour is 287.6 yards, which is shorter than the average at the same point of the season for 5 of the last 7 years.

The R&A equipment testing team see to it that a driver, swung by iron Byron at 120 mph, doesn’t exceed a carry of more than 320 yards. The newest drivers are on this limit. They will not allow longer as they are now (finally) conscious of not permanently ruining the game and all the classic courses that have been made obsolete.

So when you hear the next commercial quoting “12 yards longer”, please don’t listen to it. They want as much of your hard earned money as they can get. Their main focus is to sell the club rather than worrying about it’s suitability or effectiveness for you, because if you can’t hit it, you’ll be forced to get thrown into the sales carousel next season.

There are two ways to get improved driver performance…

1 – Optimising launch and spin conditions

2 – Improving the impact factors of your swing.

Next time you are going to spend £400 on your driver, spend around £200 on getting a top quality fitting, getting the correct shaft. Spend the other £200 on finding a really good coach, and having some lessons improving your swing. I absolutely PROMISE you this will produce better results than the newest driver.


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