Trackman Club Gapping

Trackman Club Gapping

Golfers - Know Your Yardages!

Precision-Golf_Trackman Gapping ServicesThe TrackmanTM Launch Monitor system we have at PG is one of our biggest assets. The system is arguably the most advanced and accurate ball flight analyser out there, and we use it for every one of our fittings.

The system records data simultaneously for 22 different ball flight and swing parameters and during any fitting we’ll be looking at all of these in order to asses the characteristics of a client’s swing and ball flight. But it’s a few of these parameters in particular that make the system excellent for not only assessing your swing but also improving the consistency of your game overall.

Trackman is fantastic at recording data based upon the distance you can hit the ball with any club in your bag, and during a Gapping Session we’ll record data from every club to work out the average distance, height, landing angle, and dispersion to assess exactly how far each of your clubs can hit the ball and the characteristics of those flights and specifically the crucial information detailing the gaps evident between clubs. We then take this information and assess how it can be used to plan your on-course strategies.

When out on the course, it’s vital to have a strategy on each hole in order to know how you want to play each and every shot. So let’s say your standing on the tee of a tight, dogleg Par-4 with a carry over water for your second shot (sounds like hell, I know). The only real way to negotiate the hole with any certainty is to plan in advance.

Now, this might take place prior to a round looking through the course guide, or even when you’re standing on the tee waiting for your turn to play. Either way you need to be looking at where you want your tee-shot to finish (distance and direction) in relation to your next shot into the green. You might want to lay up in front of the water or go for the green, and the only way to effectively do this is know how far each of the clubs in your bag is going to go. You might be left with 155yds in to the green and if you know for certain that your 6-iron, for example, travels an average of 159yds then you know that’s the club for you. It takes the uncertainty out of the shot and allows you to be confident over the ball, commit to your decision, and, fingers crossed, pull off the shot.

A Trackman Gapping session can give you this information for all of your clubs better than any other method, and can give you the confidence to carry out your strategies, and ultimately post better scores.