What’s In Your Masters Bag?

What’s In Your Masters Bag?

The Perfect Setup For Augusta

Precision-Golf_The Masters-Whats in your bagThe return of The Masters to Augusta National each year spells a different challenge to the weekly norm for players from all over the world. So much so that players will alter their bags dramatically to adjust for the testing conditions they’ll be facing – just look at big Phil, 2 Masters with 2 Drivers in the bag. We asked PG club fitter Jack to give us a run through of what his ideal set makeup would be to tackle what some call the greatest golf course on the planet.

Everyone knows that Augusta demands the best short game and long game from the players during tournament week, but what exactly do they need in their arsenal to make this strategic nightmare as gentle as possible? Well here’s how jack would play it:


The Driver would be set up with a little more loft than a player might normally use, ideally set with a draw-bias [for right-handers]. The course demands high right-to-left shots to give maximum reach around the dog-legs, and to take on long carries across some treacherous corners.

Fairway Wood:

Elsewhere a player might choose to keep a 3-wood in the bag, but I’d take a 5-wood – there aren’t really many holes that require second shots so long a 3W is needed, nor are there many holes where a 3W safety up the middle is the best play, so here a 19° 5W would give the added height, spin, and control needed to come into the Par-5s in two.


I can see a lot of players taking the longer irons out of the bag this week – a trend that has become more frequently done for a while. Just as the 5W will give those high softer landing shots into greens, the Hybrids are going to give the workable trajectory to come into the Par5s and longer Par4s with the forgiveness of the larger heads. A couple of these in the bag will make the daunting prospects of attacking greens from long-range a little easier to stomach!


We think a lot of players will be starting with irons from 5i down to make room for those hybrids. These guys are good enough that from 5 and below they should be able to hit shots with the right trajectory and spin for coming into the greens. Here they’ll be looking for the playability of their honed and regular use irons.


4 wedges in the bag may well be commonplace this week, with the likely additional wedge to their normal lineup coming in the form of something a little more lofted than normal. A 62°, or even 64° might be put in play to make short game lob shots easier and adding in an extra dimension to their short-games.


I’d take a putter model that’s a little less weighty to give me more feel. The slick greens at Augusta need a deft touch so giving more feel of the face should help here.


A lot of players might change from there normal ball to a softer, more spinny version. For example, some of the guys might change to a standard Pro V1 from the Pro V1x to give them more spin and control coming into the greens. They might be losing a little on the longer shots but the increase in control far outweighs any loses there.

What sort of set makeup would you take round the hallowed turf of Augusta National? Post your suggestions below!


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