Why Have a Trackman Gapping Session?

Why Have a Trackman Gapping Session?

The Best £80 a Golfer Can Spend This Winter...


The best £80 you can spend on your golf game? Have a gapping session here at Precision Golf.

Tired of not hitting the ball the right distance? Do you ever feel you have a big distance gap in your bag, or that two clubs are similar in distance? One of the many very useful services we offer to clients is a gapping session. This is where a client comes in and hits shots with all his or her clubs on one of our Trackman Systems, which will give us exact numbers on how far the ball carries with each club. Couple that information with the use of a Bushnell or some form of rangefinder, and you will know how far you hit the ball, and how far you have to the hole, and, as long as you factor in the elements and hit the ball solid, you will be pin high. Every single time.

The TrackmanTM Launch Monitor systems we have at PG are one of our biggest assets. The system is arguably the most advanced and accurate ball flight analyser out there, and we use it for every one of our fittings.

How irritating it is to hit a beautiful iron shot straight at the pin, only to see it fly through the back or come up short and a bogey or worse is the result, when the quality of shot deserved a birdie. Imagine how much lower your scores could be when are hitting green after green. Or how good your wedge game would be if you know exactly how far your ½ and full shots are with each club. Directionally you are unlikely to be far left or right with a wedge, but getting the distance right is harder. Why? Because if you have 140 to the hole, you will have a club that will, assuming solid contact, hit it that far. However, if you have 45 yards, or 70 yards, you may not have a club which goes that distance, as a result, a less than full shot is required. Well imagine you hit some shots on our system, and you worked out, for example, that a half swing with your SW goes 55 yards. Next time you have, say, 45 yards, you will have a very good idea of how far to swing the club to get the ball flying the right distance to the hole.

Need a Bushnell? Well if you purchase one here at Precision Golf, we will give you a complimentary gapping session, the perfect combination to really improve your golf this winter.


If you’d like more information on the Bushnell Rangefinders and our Trackman Gapping Services, or just general information on the services offered at PG then feel free to call us on +44(0)1784 470088, check out www.precisiongolf.co.uk, or email info@precisiongolf.co.uk!