Why Have Your Clubs SST PUREd?

Why Have Your Clubs SST PUREd?

The Story of SST PUREing

SST Pure is a patented technology who have licensees globally. Being an SST Licensee allows us; as an independent golf equipment specialist to offer a technology that is not available to the manufacturers, elsewhere it is only available on Tour. In fact SST PUREd Tour Players are such because they request that their clubs are sent to the SST PURE Van which only operates in the US. Manufacturers do not have a license to PURE shafts so their only argument is to say it doesn’t work or that they have carried out extensive research to prove otherwise. SST PURE has conducted and publicly released results of an independent study showing reduced dispersion and improved distance by means of a more consistent/neutral face angle at impact.

About 8 years ago, Simon and I (James D) flew to Munich to meet with Katsuhiro Miura to test a variety of new Miura products including several prototype shafts where test clubs were built to the same spec PUREd and not PUREd. Half way through the day the robot broke down and Simon, who was still competing professionally decided to accept the challenge of hitting drivers for the rest of the day. The results were even more dramatic than before. I was on the receiving end of the range with a radio reporting back total and lateral yardages, for us that’s all we needed to see. It certainly wasn’t the swing as we had several recognised PGA Pros and a Former US Amateur champion saying that certain swings didn’t deserve a 20 yard draw.

I do wonder why OEMs are so opposed to this technology when more often that not their heads are shafted with products designed by someone else? One steel shaft company even told us they manufacture to very tight tolerances but if we decide to SST PURE them and it enhances them further then that’s fine.

So what does this all mean to the average golfer, because they can’t feel the difference right? Well that’s the main reason for insisting that all clubs Precision Golf assemble are SST PUREd. If an 18 handicapper is not able to feel a shaft inducing a cut then they can’t compensate for it in the way a low handicapper would, as they have less “feel”. In fact nobody should have to compensate, even at the highest level, the game is already hard enough to worry about if that block or pull may not have been caused by your swing.  This is exactly the reason why you’ll never buy two identically performing drivers off the shelf and the reason why SST PUREing exists today.

There is a fundamental process that must be followed to diagnose equipment related issues and arrive at remedial solutions.  SST PURE will be happy for me to say that there are some factors that PUREing can do nothing about, namely shaft weight and bend profile.  If these are initially incorrect you will not see the full benefits of PUREing existing shafts, however there WILL always be an improvement.  Players must be fitted for shaft weight first, then bend profile and base flex, combine that with a head with the correct spin profile and loft to give optimum launch conditions then this can be fine tuned by tweaking frequency and swingweight.

Once all this is known a shaft can be prepared and cut to that spec and it is only then that the shaft will be SST PUREd prior to assembly.  The long and short of it is why would we go to the lengths that we go to build a club and have it misbehave through shaft instability?  Without a PUREd shaft you’ll never know how much better the club could be, even if its a couple of yards deviation it could be the difference between the fairway and the rough.  The same applies to steel, which is less straight than graphite.  I had a chat with someone from an OEM who said that they will only adjust the loft/lies of a club once assembled, I asked why despite knowing the answer, and their reply was that steel shafts aren’t straight, sort of an admission of what we have known all along.

The quality of steel is becoming better and better and we are seeing less problems associated with frequency.  It is perfectly acceptable for a set of irons to fluctuate in frequency by + or 1 or 2 cpm. SST PURE will always find a shaft more stable orientation and this is sometimes not where is it most stiff.  If we frequency a set of shaft and one is out of kilter it will be rejected, we don’t want a set of irons to all frequency 5.7 and to have a 5 iron at 4.9, even if it is PUREd it will feel different.  In short and from my own experiences as a VERY rusty 6 handicap PUREing steel results in a more predicable flight and in turn more consistent yardages.




If you’d like more to find out more about SST PUREing and how it can help your individual game or just general information on the services offered at PG then feel free to call us on +44(0)1784 470088, check out www.precisiongolf.co.uk, or email info@precisiongolf.co.uk