PG’s Trackman #2

PG’s Trackman #2

Our Radar Lineup Has Just Doubled!

Precision-Golf_Trackman Gapping ServicesTrackman Launch Monitors utilise radar technology to track 22 swing and ball-flight parameters and interpret that information into a huge amount of data, as well as a visualisation of the entire shot using industry-leading ball flight model algorithms. All this information is then interpreted by our club fitters, and using this they are able to establish what happens prior to, during, and after impact, ultimately resulting in recommendations for what can get each club to perform optimally.

Having two Trackman units is a fantastic stride forward for us here at PG, as it means we’ll be able to conduct simultaneous consultations for clients. This means we’ll be able cut down waiting times for consultations and we’ll be more able to see you as soon as we can!

The PG team have worked hard to ensure that each client’s consultation is carried out with the same care and attention as ever, so we’ve adapted our fitting studio to include two main fitting bays that sit side-by-side but still allow everyone to have the attention they require that we pride ourselves on.

So with shorter waiting times and scope to carry all types of fittings and game-changing consultations there’s never been a better time to book in at Precision Golf!


If you’d like more information on the services offered at PG then feel free to call us on +44(0)1784 470088, check out, or email!