Play Your Best Golf In 2014

Play Your Best Golf In 2014

5 Quick Tips For Better Golf In The New Year

Read this if you want to play good golf this year!

Many of you may be interested in how professionals see and strategise a hole. If you want to play good golf this year, thinking better will certainly help you shoot lower scores.

Firstly, there are some things that you need to know about your own game, and it just amazes me how few amateurs really know:

Precision Golf -Trackman Launch Monitors_011 – How far do you carry each club – not on a career shot, not with roll, but in normal conditions, with a reasonable shot, how far do you hit the ball? Not knowing this is really is a crime if you are looking to shoot lower scores. Invest one hour of your time and £80 to do a gapping on Trackman. The argument that “I don’t hit the ball that consistently” does not cut it I’m afraid. You have to be rewarded for your good shots. If you hit a great 7 iron that goes a few yards long or short, you have lost a shot. Do that three or 4 times a round, make a couple of careless strokes on the green, miss judge how far the fairway bunker is, and hit a great drive that rolls in, leading to a bogey or worse. The number of shots a player can save is astounding.




2 – Don’t be proud! It’s ok to hit a 7 iron 135. I know several very low single figure player who do, Even if Woods hits his 190. The fact is, you’re not competing against Woods. You’re not playing 490 yard par 4’s without roll. You don’t have Tiger’s ability. You probably have three layers on, the air is thicker. Nobody cares less what clubs you hit, people are only interested in scores.





3 –
You must know where your misses are. We would all like to rifle shot after shot at the flag, but nobody does. If you have a predominant miss, by all means work on your swing. But on the course, not allowing for it is plain stupidity. And believe me everyone has misses, no matter how inconsistent they think they are. I have analysed thousands of golfers on Trackman, and it strikes me as bizarre that after half a dozen swings, I know more about their misses than they do. You need to pay attention to where you miss. Example, you are playing a par 4, you hit a nice drive and have an 8 iron to the green. The pin is on the left side of the green, and there are deep bunkers left. You have hit a couple of pulled shots early in the round. You should be looking nowhere near the flag. Aim 30 feet right, if you hit the ball well, you have a 2 putt par, if you pull the ball, you might luck out and make birdie. If you think tour players aim at more than half of the flags in a round of golf you are very much mistaken!




4 – Don’t spend too much time on short game, spend more time on driving. Yes you heard me, without question, the number one key to reducing high scores and playing consistently is getting the ball in play off the tee. Find a consistent shot shape, find a club you trust, you’ll be well on your way.




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5 – TAKE CARE ON SHORT PUTTS!!!! When I play with amateurs, I find it just astounding how many short putts are missed because they don’t take care, they stroll up, have a jab, and miss, do that two times a round, and play in two competitions per month, you will waste 24 shots this year being careless. If you were on tour it would be the difference between being world number 1 and a no name journeyman.


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