The Golfing Year

The Golfing Year

A Review of Golf in 2013

Every year,  our resident oracle in sport; Jack Symons,  is let loose on our blog to share his opinions on the year in golf. Well, here we go, no holding back!

It’s been a funny year in golf, great for some, not so great for others. That is true of the top players, the equipment industry, and probably for some of you too. If we look back at what I predicted for 2013, these were the main points:

1) Tiger returns and wins a major

2) McIlroy winless in the majors

3) Rose wins the Masters

4) Donald falls out the top 5

5) Monty wins a senior major

Well, I didn’t do too bad did I?!

The Tour:

I have to say, my predictions were pretty good this year. McIlroy is still winless in 2013, let alone just in the majors. Was it the clubs? The girl? Neither, he had a lot going on. New management, legal battles, swing issues. Let’s face it, Wozniacki wasn’t a problem when he was winning majors by 8 shots, and Tiger has managed to use Nike clubs just fine over the last 12 years.

Tiger didn’t win any majors (I got that wrong). He did win 5 huge tournaments, however, and secured himself as the undisputed best player on the planet once again. But who cares? The majors are the only thing of importance now. Will he break the record? Not if he doesn’t win one next year. No way.

I predicted Donald would fall outside the world’s top 10. How satisfyingly right I was. Currently 17th, the fall from 3rd is a calamity that I saw coming for a long time. In my opinion his swing relies far to heavily on timing, his equipment is not set up well for him, and when he eventually starts missing the 40 footers something had to give.

Mickleson had a tremendous year, what a performance at our Open. Smug, sure. Cheesey, definitely, but nevertheless, a great ambassador for the game, I for one hope he secures his career slam.

Lets not forget Rose. I may have said he’d win the Masters, but I reckon he’ll take the US Open! A great year, first major, but will many more follow? Not for me. They are seriously tough to win. And he’s no Mickleson/Els.

So what for next year? I hope Rory and Tiger go at it, I think they will. Donald will not make the Ryder cup team, which we will lose (sorry).


It has been another busy year on the equipment front, with the likely suspects bringing out good products. The new Titleist range is excellent. The Mizuno iron range is superb. Taylormade have gone back to black, which is surprising considering the R1, designed by optometrists, was the most optically optimal (try saying that 5 times in a row). So why have they reverted? Feel free to answer Taylor Made.

The new SLDR looks very nice and has proven pretty popular so far. However it already looks like it’s being superseded with the launch of the ‘JetSpeed’ next month, complete with over the top advertising.

I expect a big year from Cobra and Adams next year. Both have excellent product being launched.

We’re currently writing more reviews and I will write my predictions for 2014 soon. Come and see us soon and happy golfing!



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