Bushnell Rangefinders

Bushnell Rangefinders

Making Your Game Pin-Point Accurate

Precision-Golf- Bushnell RangefindersAt PG we’ve been lucky enough to secure an account with Bushnell Golf and to celebrate we’re going to show you how you can get the best out of your Bushnell device!

Bushnells enable their users to accurately and quickly get a yardage just by pointing the rangefinder at the flag or a feature on the course, a pretty useful thing in general, but the real benefits come when the Bushnell becomes part of your entire gameplan.

What’s the one main thing you need to know for each shot? Probably a few things spring to mind, but really it’s what club you need to use. And to know what club to use, you need to know the distance you have to hit the ball. The Bushnell will enable you to get this distance (accurate to 1yard/meter) helping you to make your club selection accurately.

So this is where the Bushnell will make planning and strategy on the course incredibly easy and accurate. In an ideal world you’ll be able to plan how you want to play a hole out on the course (perhaps before a round looking at a course guide, or even when standing on the tee). You can choose your target landing area for your tee shot that leaves you with a set distance for your second and giving you the best line in to the green – all of which is going to be measurable using the Bushnell.

Planning your way around the course like this can help by allowing you to set specific targets to aim at rather than choosing to play for ‘anywhere on the fairway’, and generally if you choose a specific point, and you are just off with the shot, the shots don’t end up quite as bad as they might have previously. It is effectively focusing you on a particular target, much like you would when you putt for the hole, and hopefully producing more consistent results. It also acts to take the uncertainty out of your game – the mere act of planning ahead in such a way means you’ll be caught unawares much less than if you were aimlessly knocking it towards the fairway. If you do happen to hit one off-center or the initial shot doesn’t quite go to plan, then you’ll be better prepared for the shot that lies ahead, and with the Bushnell you’ll know what club to play for your next one.

Bushnell Rangefinders facilitate this ability to be immensely specific with your distances and make sure you have the correct club in hand and the right gameplan in mind when out on the course.


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