Cleveland Golf 2012

Cleveland Golf 2012

PG's Cleveland Golf 2012 Equipment Review

Cleveland are forging ahead quite literally in 2012 with improvements to the CG series, but most notably the addition of the ‘Precision Forged’ range (we love that name!), including the long-awaited Precision Forged 588 wedge series, bringing one of the most popular wedges in history into the realms of the forged head.  PG fitters Simon and Jack have taken a look over the 2012 line-up to give their low-down of what’s on offer.

Precision-Golf_Cleveland-Classic-Driver_mainClassic Driver

A completely new look to the current crop of heads, harking back to the visuals of the traditional persimmon heads with a wood-like paint o the crown and a stripe down the face imitating the face-inserts that were used. A 460cc head it is a deeper faced design to promote a stronger flight profile and gives a mid to low launch and spin and is certainly aimed at the more tour-style player and ball flight. Sitting square there is no help turning the ball over and it is not the most forgiving head but there has already been success on Tour using this head from their Staff players at the start of this season.

Precision-Golf_Cleveland-CG Black-DriverCG Black Driver

The latest in the line of ultra-lightweight drivers from Cleveland, this is their lightest yet to promote higher club speeds. The black head gives a clean and sleek look with a “Speed Crown Design” teardrop shaped head profile to improve aerodynamics but also to help place weight low and deep in the back of the head for stability, forgiveness and low spin. A weight screw in the back of the head also helps position the weight for optimum performance and for a higher, draw biased trajectory. A solid head but also a very light head at around 190g making it hard to build any less than 45.5 inches (standard length is 46 inches).

Precision-Golf_Cleveland-CG Black-FairwayCG Black Fairway

The same design principles apply to the fairway wood as the driver with the “Speed Crown Design” and teardrop shape for higher launch and draw bias. It also shares the ultra-light weighting for higher club speed. It sits with a slightly closed face and has a reasonably large head size and depth for confidence at address.

Precision-Golf_Cleveland-Mashie-FairwayMashie Fairway

This extends the Mashie series into Fairway woods and using the Gliderail sole design it is set up to reduce turf drag and improve head stability through impact. It has a “raw” metallic-style finish to the crown rather than a standard painted finish for a distinctive look and uses a lightweight shaft to keep overall weight down for higher club speed and distance. The head profile is for a slightly higher launch and the design merges the “utility” aspect of the sol design with the fairway wood size head and shaft length.

Precision-Golf_Cleveland-Mashie-Hybrid2012 Mashie Hybrid

The main change is the addition of an extra rail on the sole with an enhanced “Gliderail” design for stability through the turf and for improved impact consistency and distance. The head is more stable and more forgiving than the previous model and due to weighting improvements produces a slightly higher launch angle too. It shares the same “raw” metallic-style finish to the Mashie Fairway and it a mid to strong flighted head and is a good replacement club for the long irons.

Precision-Golf_Cleveland-588-CB-ForgedForged CB Irons

Cleveland have added in a forged cavity back iron to their line-up. Very similar in design to the TA2 and TA3 series heads which were very popular, they are a classic shape with a stepped-back muscle in the rear of the head to give some forgiveness whilst still keeping the blade-style look from above. These will suit the slightly better ball striker but fills a large gap that has been missing from Cleveland’s line up over the last few years.

Precision-Golf_Cleveland-CG Black-IronsCG Black Irons

These fit in with the woods of the same model and have a lightweight shaft for speed and distance with a thin Titanium face insert to also help keep ball speed as high as possible and to be as forgiving as possible. A deep undercut design in the back of the head spreads weight away from the face for forgiveness and launch and strong lofts help produce long distances as well. The black finish helps it look relatively clean for the head style.

Precision-Golf_Cleveland Mashie Irons_01Mashie Irons

This set blends with the Mashie models by using the “GlideRail” sole design on the irons as well. The set includes hybrids from 3i – 5i and then moves into an undercut, forgiving iron model through to the wedges. Designed for high launch, maximum forgiveness and distance.

Precision-Golf_Cleveland-588-Forged-Wedge_main588 Forged Wedges

Modelled after the best-selling wedge of all time the 588 Forged series blends the classic 588 shape with a forged material and up-to-date “Tour Zip” groove technology to give as much spin and feel as possible. The forged material gives greater consistency to the head and as a result more consistent ball speed, spin and therefore better results. Available in a Satin and Chrome finish with multiple bounce options this is new slant on a classic club head which is sure to be a success.

Precision-Golf_Cleveland-CG Black-WedgeCG Black wedge

Designed to fit in off the CG Black irons the wedges share a slight cut-away design and head profile for greater forgiveness and a stronger overall shot profile than the 588 and CG16 series wedges. These are designed more for distance and forgiveness and the Titanium face is also present in these clubs to maximise ball speed.


For more information on the 2012 Cleveland range then take a peek at or feel free to contact the PG Team on +441784 470088 or with your questions!