Ferrari Golf Collection

Ferrari Golf Collection

Ferrari and Cobra Golf Join Forces!

Precision-Golf_Ferrari Golf Collection_Cobra Golf_02We’ve seen the likes of Porsche, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin take a dip into the golf market, and now Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari have decided to enter the ring alongside Cobra Golf with the launch of the new Ferrari Golf Collection!

Cobra Golf have been pretty busy on the ‘experimental’ and exciting club design front, releasing the Long Tom, as well as the original White-headed drivers, but this time they’ve looked to experts outside the industry to see if their clubs can be made bolder and better.

Cobra Golf and Ferrari claim that by working together they’ve managed to create a club that is aerodynamically more efficient and made from the highest-quality materials, which should equate to increased distance.

After studying the COBRA® ZL EncoreTM Driver Ferrari aerodynamics engineers suggested shape changes that would reduce drag coefficient, making the club swing easily through the air and resulting in more club head speed. These changes included new radii along the face perimeter, smoothing of the bottom sole surfaces and raising the trailing edge of the driver higher off the ground (to delay separation).

Whilst higher-grade materials and optimising aerodynamics can and do increase speed, in theory, we’d like to get our hands on one and test it out. Our thoughts are it may well be similar to the ‘Long Tom’ theory in which a 48″ shaft is utilised (or at least a relatively longer one than the norm) and when testing with a robot the shaft can be swung at the required speeds for comparison, however, when in practice with a human on the other end of the club this length can often detrimentally change up the dynamics. The real test would be comparing the head with another that uses an identical shaft suited for an individual to see whether the head really is the determining factor in increased distance – we’d be pleasantly surprised if the head added that extra distance.

Precision-Golf_Ferrari Golf Collection_Cobra Golf_01

Here’s what Cobra have to say about the rest of the collection:

The Ferrari Golf Collection was developed through a collaboration with COBRA PUMA GOLF and Ferrari SpA. It brings the most innovative technologies from COBRA PUMA GOLF engineers and Ferrari aerodynamic engineers together with premium materials, packaging and unquestionable style. “We saw an opportunity in the current marketplace to bring the Ferrari Golf Collection to life,” commented Bob Philion, President of COBRA PUMA GOLF. “It’s a high end collection the golf industry has never seen before; bringing together the best of COBRA PUMA GOLF enriched with the expertise of Ferrari in a superior product offering of equipment, apparel, accessories and footwear. We are thrilled to be working with Ferrari SpA on this long-term collection to bring a new, premium golf product line up to consumers.

“So how much is it?!” we hear you ask… Well the Driver will set you back a cool $2,000 (roughly £1,299) and no doubt the club will be something of a collectors edition, and definitely something that will make you stand out from the crowd!

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