Mizuno 2012

Mizuno 2012

PG's Mizuno 2012 Equipment Review

Mizuno are renowned for their Irons, but have always kept things simple in the Wood department. As time has gone on though, their minimilist designs are becoming more and more desirable for the player looking for the clean and simple look. The PG Team have taken a look over the exciting refresh of Mizuno’s 2012 Equipment range to give you an overview of what’s to be expected!

Precision-Golf_Mizuno-MP 650-DriverMP-650 Driver

A very classic, tour-style shape, Mizuno have removed the adjustable weights on the sole from the MP630 driver in order to reposition weight internally in the head. A six-piece construction with a forged face produce good ball speeds but is aimed at the higher ball speed player. This head will appeal to the traditionalist and is a solid feeling head with a mid to low launch and neutral to slightly open face. Simple design is the key to this head and whilst not for every golfer this is a good quality head and a certain improvement on their last model.

Precision-Golf_Mizuno-MP 650-FairwayMP-650 Fairway

This is a particularly pretty head, very classic shape as with the driver and sits neatly behind the ball. A five piece construction, it shares the forged face with the driver and again delivers good ball speeds and spin rates. Solid feel off the face with a good sound and neutral ball flight – it will certainly appeal to the player looking for a classic shape and is also a workable head. A really good addition to their line-up with strong improvements over the last MP model.

Precision-Golf_Mizuno-MP 650-Hybrid

MP-650 Hybrid

Again a tour-style club in line with the MP650 series woods; they have moved back to the shape of the original style MP CLK heads. A cleaner shape, which will suit the stronger players, with a head that suits a slightly more iron-like strike; very workable and a mid-to-strong flight but still very controllable and not draw biased like most other hybrid heads on the market.

Precision-Golf_Mizuno-MP 59-Iron

MP-59 Irons

This head, launched in the latter half of last year, adds in a lighter weight Titanium insert in the back of the head to reposition weight towards the perimeter without making the head bigger or by undercutting a cavity in the back of the head. This helps to keep the solid feel and clean looks of the head whilst improving forgiveness and consistency on off-centre hits, plus keeps the blade-style appearance of the head.

Precision-Golf_Mizuno-JPX 800-Iron

JPX 800 HD Irons

This head takes the perimeter weighting and stability to Mizuno’s more extreme level creating a large cut away design in the back of the head with weight positioned low and deep for launch, strong lofts for distance and giving a wide sole, which has been tapered for versatility on different turf conditions. The head has been kept as compact as possible in line with Mizuno’s iron heritage but it is still a fairly solid size behind the ball.

Precision-Golf_Mizuno-JPX 800-Wedges

JPX Wedges

These wedges blend with the shape of the JPX irons and offer a slightly larger head to the MP wedges to improve confidence. A bigger head and wider sole offer greater forgiveness however it shares the same spin levels as the MP series heads as the grooves are identical between the models. The cast material gives a firmer feel off the face to the MP heads.

Precision-Golf_Mizuno-MP R-12-Wedges

MP R-12 Wedges

Head shapes have been adjusted for the loft options with the 50 degrees being more similar to that of the PW in the MP iron series and as the loft moves towards 60 degrees the versatility of the sole grows with a C-Grind profile and rounder shape.

The round shape and leading edge harks back to Mizuno’s traditional wedge shape and a tapered hosel is designed to show more of the face when opening up the club face. The slightly thicker top edge keeps the centre of mass slightly higher in the face and aids trajectory control, albeit only marginally. Overall a good forged wedge.


For more info on the 2012 Mizuno range then head to golf.mizunoeurope.com or feel free to get in touch with the PG Team on +441784 470088 or email us at info@precisiongolf.co.uk with your questions!