Mizuno Irons Review 2013

Mizuno Irons Review 2013

PG's Review Of Mizuno's Latest Iron Range

Mizuno have always been well-known for their irons, having been responsible for some of the best performing (and best looking!) irons over the past few years. 2012 was no exception, with the JPX825 and MP-64’s becoming some of our most chosen irons during fittings last year. So, how will the new 2013 range of Mizuno irons fare? It’s reviewing time!



I don’t think we would be stepping over the mark by stating that the MP-4 is quite simply the best looking iron to be launched by any company in the last decade. It offers a fantastic short iron/split set option with something like MP64 or MP54’s, which will probably be a popular option, as I wont let many people leave here with the MP-4 long irons unless they have the striking of a god!

Mizuno states that the MP-4 ‘is the purest of forged muscle backs for shot-makers seeking the ultimate control over their ball flight’. The MP-4’s muscle bulge reduces as the set progresses to the long-irons, which gives the player greater control over trajectory. However, with the slenderness of the long irons and the thin blade-style head, they are best reserved for the better ball-strikers.





Blend of big cut away in long irons to a more muscle cavity in short irons. The MP-54’s are fantastic clubs, very similar to MP53’s of 3 years ago, a club I feel should never have been taken out of the Mizuno Range.

The MP-54’s have deep milled pocket cavities in the 3-7 irons, which gives a player that extra bit of forgiveness, while the 8-PW are solid muscle design. A bevelled sole facilitates better turf contact.

Here at PG we’re happy Mizuno have brought back a design along the same lines as the MP-53’s, which were truly great clubs. These are already proving popular, especially as split sets with the MP-4’s.


Mizuno JPX-EZ

A progression from the JPX825’s, which have been extremely popular over the past year. Good looking clubs (if not a bit chunky for my taste), but does what they have been designed for.

The JPX-EZ’s feature an ultra pocket cavity in the 4-7 iron, promoting higher launch and providing much more forgiveness for off-centre strikes. The 8-PW still feature a cavity design, but slightly smaller to tighten control for shorter iron shots.  The whole set also include what Mizuno have named ‘Harmonic Impact Technology ‘ with an engineered cavity frame to fine tune feel and the sound off the clubface.

As you will see from the next clubs, the EZ are slightly larger than the EZ-Forged, and therefore designed for those that require much more forgiveness.



Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged

Similar to the JPX-EZ’s, but are Grain Flow Forged rather than having deep cavities. Like the EZ’s, they have been designed to promote higher launch, and increased distance with a high-level of forgiveness, but the forged nature gives a softer and higher feel compared to their non-forged counterpart.

Lovely looking and feeling head, with the black nickel finish really making these irons stand out. There is no bigger believer in a forged head than me, so the more forgiving options the better. Think this will be a popular choice!



 JPZ-EX & EZ-Forged (Ladies)

The ladies version of the EZ & EZ-Forged are great looking clubs. They have the same design as the men’s version, but with a different colour scheme.

The JPX-EZ however doesn’t feature the black nickel finish, which may appeal to more lady golfer’s.


For more information on the new Mizuno range then visit http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/ or feel free to give the PG Team a shout on +441784 470088 or email info@precisiongolf.co.uk with your questions!