Mizuno – October 2012

Mizuno – October 2012

PG's Mizuno October 2012 Equipment Review

Well renowned for their high quality irons, have they done it again with their later offerings? We have a look at the new products for the better and average golfers, which ones look best for you?

JPX825 Pro Irons

An update on the JPX800 Pro irons, slightly wider and squarer sole shape on the heel side which helps with a more even club/turf contact on all surfaces. The mass in the rear of the head has been repositioned slightly towards the heel and toe for improved stability on off-centre strikes. The top line has had the edges softened to give a neater appearance at address – overall good improvements on an already technically good club head with its visuals now matching its performance.







JPX825 irons

These have evolved from the JPX800 irons with improvements to the feel and look of the clubs. The JPX800 was good o performance but a little harsh feeling. Mizuno have made the head style a little neater in the short irons but also have used slightly different materials and weight positioning in the rear of the head to maintain forgiveness and distance but softening the sound of the club face and giving a more solid feel. The neater head shape makes the short irons more versatile and offers more accuracy rather than just distance in the bottom end of the set. As with the JPX825 Pro heads they have kept the performance levels from the past model with an improvement in the visuals and feel from the head.







The new muscle-cavity head from Mizuno and follows a formula that has worked for them over a number of years. A very classic head shape to suit the blade-style of head many better players look for with a bit more forgiveness and playability. The focus of the head was a more solid feel and the “muscle-pad” behind the impact point gives a solid strike yet soft feel. The perimeter weighting and forgiveness elements were factored in afterwards with a deeper cavity in the long irons making them more playable than the previous MP63 model.






MPH4 ­

The next generation of the MP Fli-Hi series of long iron replacement clubs Mizuno have gone back to a Forged face, neck and sole for a softer feel to match the irons (the last MP Fli-Hi was cast and felt very hard compared to the long irons it was replacing). A low offset has been maintained for as much visual consistency with the irons as possible and the hollow construction places weight very deep into the head for forgiveness and an easier launch angle. Available in 2i – 5i lofts and will produce a good mix with any of the MP irons or the JPX825 Pro models.





MP T-4 Wedge

The latest in the MP wedge lines, a more compact and neater head shape than most other wedges. The wedge has been altered through Tour feedback and a channel has been cut across the back of the head to reposition weight both lower and higher in the back of the head – designed to pinch the ball off the turf more easily without ballooning the ball flight. The sole width has been increased to allow grinding and more versatility as previous models have had quite narrow soles making them less versatile and less suited to a variety of playing styles. Groove widths have been fine tunes with 50 – 54 degree lofts having narrower, deeper grooves where the ball compresses more and wider, shallower grooves in the more lofted heads to help maximise grip on the shorter shots. The milled face also helps grip – all loft options come in both the White Satin finish and the softer Black Nikel.






For more information on the 2012 Mizuno range then take a look at golf.mizunoeurope.com or feel free to contact the PG Team on +441784 470088 or info@precisiongolf.co.uk with your questions!