Nike Equipment Range – 2013 Review

Nike Equipment Range – 2013 Review

PG's Nike's 2013 Equipment Review


VRS Covert and Covert Tour Driver

Nike have gone down a bold route with the new Covert series of drivers with the red crown and the cavity in the sole of the club. The design is set to push weight further forwards in the head to help keep ball speed as high as possible whilst using weight positioning in the toe and heel to keep stability on off centre hits as high as possible. Using the NexCor variable face thickness as with past VRS models to keep ball speed as high as possible across the face.

The Tour model (left) is a compact 430cc and classic head shape, with the black face keeping the head looking more compact. This is a mid launch but low spinning head, suiting the higher ball speed player and the smaller shape giving a very solid feel and a touch more ability to work the ball flight. The Standard model (right) is 460cc with a silver face to show all of the loft and aids alignment slightly. The larger head helps with stability on off centre hits and also means the spin profile is not as low as the Tour model. The Flexloft hosel system is one of, if not the, best on the market with very accurate and simple adjustments possible to both loft and face angle independently of one another.



VRS Covert and Covert Tour Fairways

The fairways utilise the same technological characteristics on head design and weight positioning as the drivers to give a solid feel, workability and forgiveness. NexCor is used on the fairways as well, enhancing ball speed across the face.

The Tour model is a slightly more compact head and promotes a mid-launch and lower-mid spin for a stronger flight. Much more forgiving and easier to launch than the VR Pro it replaces it also uses the Flexloft hosel system to adjust loft and face angle and keeping the black face as with the Tour driver for more a compact look. The Standard model is slightly larger, wider head for greater forgiveness. Not as low in spin as the Tour model and has the silver face for easier alignment – this model does not have the Flexloft hosel system and comes in 15 and 19 degree options.





VRS Covert and Covert Tour Hybrids

The hybrids share the same cavity back design, although not as deep a cavity as the woods, and the NexCor face thickness profile for optimised speed across the face.

The Tour model is a relatively compact design, however sits up behind the ball more than some head, however this means that is keeps a slightly stronger spin and flight profile which suits a lot of higher ball speed players who do not need a high launching head. The Flexloft hosel allows you to fine tune the ball flight easily and this head should appeal to strong iron players. The Standard head again does not share the Flexloft hosel system and is slightly larger, shallower and mildly offset to help promote more draw bias. Fairly easy to flight and mid spin this is a good all-round head.





VR Pro Irons

The Blade and Pro Combo heads remain exactly the same as last year.








VRS Irons

The VRS Forged cavity back irons remain exactly the same as last year and remain a very good, forgiving cavity back with the thin face giving extra speed and forgiveness.








VRS Covert Irons

Nike have kept a very similar appearance to the cavity in the back of the heads to the woods for brand consistency through the set and the positioning of the weight in the toe and heel helps keep the head stable on off-centre strikes. It is a forgiving head for one that has quite a neat appearance and from a performance point of view may surprise people how good it is. The less chunky appearance at address will appeal to a lot of players and the use of the NexCor variable face thickness maximises ball speeds and forgiveness, bringing wood face technology into irons. Nike have used their X3X groove pattern to bring grooves closer together in order to give as much control as possible.





VR Pro Wedges

The VR Pro Satin wedges remain the same bas profile with a slightly updated X3X groove design to optimise spin consistency and control. Nike are introducing a Black Oxide finish later in the year to complement the range with the head designed to rust to create extra texture for enhanced spin and a softer feel off the face form the un-plated finish.








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