Ping 2012

Ping 2012

PG's Ping 2012 Equipment Review

PING like to keep things simple – and have done so with some subtle updates on their already very successful range. Clubfitter Simon has taken a look over PING Golf’s i20 woods and irons to see what their 2012 range has to offer.

Precision-Golf_Ping-i20-Driveri20 Driver

This Driver is more forgiving than the previous i15 head, which was its major criticism and so is automatically an improvement. Using a light weight Ti 8-1-1 alloy Ping have improved weight distribution inside the head to improve forgiveness; it has a slightly more hollow feel to it than the i15 but the greater margin for error far outweighs the change in feel. Mid -launch and low spin, it’s designed for the higher club speed player and is still neutral to slight fade biased, but again not as much as the previous model. A neat overall shape being all black and with a matt finish to the crown which reduces the glare off the head.

Precision-Golf_Ping-i20-Fairway Woodi20 Fairway Wood

The same matt finish and all black colour as the Driver head, it sits neatly behind the ball with the weight positioned deep to promote a good launch angle with strong spin profile. A solid feel off the club face, however for the shape of head it is quite a forgiving club and certainly flights easily off the fairway. Marginally higher off the tee than its i15 predecessor but the extra playability off the ground is a good improvement.

Precision-Golf_Ping-i20-Hybridi20 Hybrid

A slightly tighter head shape than the i15 Hybrid and the all black matt finish helps the head to look more compact as well. The head is setup relatively neutral and weighted to promote a reasonable launch angle with mid spin profile. Suits being played more like a wood and is fairly forgiving, a nice mid-flighted head.

Precision-Golf_Ping-i20-Ironsi20 Irons

A slightly larger head than the i15 irons, the size is progressed from a more compact short iron with little offset for more control to a larger long iron with greater offset for a higher launch. There is a Custom Tuning Port which is inserted into the back of the head to alter and optimise centre of gravity through the set. The bigger size makes them a little less solid feeling than the i15 heads but they are a very user-friendly set relative to shape and size. The bounce angles on the sole through the set are a little higher than most other heads of the same shape and design which makes them better for slightly softer turf.


For more information on the 2012 PING i20 Series then visit or get in touch with the PG Team on +441784 470088 or with any questions!