‘Precision Golf – Review and Experiences’

‘Precision Golf – Review and Experiences’

A First Hand Comprehensive, Honest & Information Review of PG

Mizuno recently brought our attention to a post on their website forums from 2013, entitled ‘Precision Golf – Review & Experiences’. Here at PG, we love feedback from our clients, and we thought we would re-post this particular feedback on our blog, completely unedited, to show our gratitude to Tom for such a comprehensive, informative and positive recollection of his experiences with us.

So, without further ado, here’s the full post:


“Hey Everyone

Just wanted to compile a quick review and document the experiences I have had with Precision Golf and their club fitting/building. I would like to point out that I am in no way affiliated with this company…and that this is an honest review from an average customer’s point of view.

Just for peoples info – who may not know about Precision Golf…here is their basic info:

Precision Golf Limited, Unit 3/4 Eversley Way, Thorpe Industrial Park, Egham, Surrey, TW20 8RG, United Kingdom

Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1784 470 088.       E: info@precisiongolf.co.uk             http://www.precisiongolf.co.uk

Basically Precision Golf are a custom club fitting and building company based in Surrey. It is run by a couple of accomplished golfers James Davey (who builds the clubs) and Simon Cooper (who does the fittings).

As a customer I always had a lot of contact with Simon as he is the one who meets/greets and conducts the fitting process. Both the guys and all the other members of staff are lovely friendly guys, and I always enjoy my visits.

I first encountered Precision Golf through a google search when looking for a proper club builder. I must state at this point that I was living in London at the time and Surrey was surprisingly convenient. I have since moved to Bristol but the fact I still make the 230mile round trip to get anything done is testament to the people and the company.

As the prices seemed relatively high when I was first looking – I initially went for only a driver fitting. In hindsight, I would recommend anyone thinking about it to save up for the full-bag fit…because trust me – once you start using a tour-level club…you will NEED the rest of your bag to match!

In the interests of not making the post about 5 pages long…I will summarise my experiences as briefly as possible…and save the gapping session for another post.



On arriving at PG – i was greeted and offered a drink. I then sat down with Simon C and we discussed everything. My golf, my game, my equipment, what I wanted, what I liked and what I was looking to achieve. I then was asked to loosen up with ‘any club I liked’. I chose a PW and started swinging away. Simon is an expert in making you feel comfortable during the whole process. If I had known he was sizing my swing up I might have shanked and topped a few more than I did.

You are then asked what balls you use – and a brand new pack is opened and set up for trackman (small silver dots placed on the balls). It is the little things like this which make ALL the difference. I have been fit at a number of shops in the past and at places like Silvermere Golf Club and the Belfry. Whilst I have had some excellent fitters and great experiences – I cannot stress enough how much better Precision Golf is than anything I had experienced before.  You know in here that if your new PW distance averages at 120.6 yards…it is EXACTLY that.

You then take your existing clubs and hit your specific balls a number of times until you get a good standard of reading. If you are like me and not a tour-level player then this may take you 15 drives for example.  If you are much better – you may only need 5-6 shots.  Simon and you will know when you’ve hit some well.

Trackman is used, as are your own clubs, as are the specific model of ball you play. This is the time when you will get your exact readings and stats.  It’s all good using generic indoor fitting centres or guesstimating at the range…but knowing your exact yardages is (in my view) pretty much the most important thing to scoring well.  It will come as a shock to people who think that they hit everything 270-300+ to be told your average carry is actually about 220 yards…but the figures don’t lie.

Me personally I was happy with what I saw,but knew there was a lot of room for improvement.  I am around 6ft7” and swing at 88-90mph.  I had used (mostly through fittings by peopleat places at the belfry etc) a regular flex 10.5* head.  Long story short, Simon got me hitting a 44.5”shaft (I wanted shorter) 54gram on an 8.5* head!!!  Ask any pro based on my height ability and swing speed and they would NEVER tell you to even try this combo.  Long story short, my average driving got better and I picked up a Trackman verified 30-35 yards total distance increase.  Worth the money?  Your ***** right!

Another benefit to the PG experience was the fact that with Trackman I could see the difference in the flight and all parameters of my original clubs and the new versions.  I have been on many launch monitors before –but having someone with expert level knowledge discussing every swing and club variation and showing you the different results is really enlightening.  I felt like I’d had a swing lesson and knew more about the dynamics of my swing – just from a fitting.

After using this new driver – I went back and was fitted for the rest of the clubs in my bag. Based on the Driver fitting I went in with the view that along with some rough guidance from me regarding prices, brands, look and feel etc…that he would have free reign to give me anything he saw fit to improve my game.

I went in looking for Mizuno ideally but had an open mind.  The best thing about the whole process is the stuff that you can’t see on the website.  Using Simon’s knowledge and eye, combined with my ‘feel’ and the Trackman results…despite being open to anything on the market we quickly settled into the right sort of areas.

I ended up with Mizuno MP-53s and MP-T4s with an Oban Oi graphite shaft.  I could write 5000 words on how amazing this combo feels. All you need to know is I knocked off 3 shots from my PB and ended up breaking par for the first time ever within 2 months of owning the clubs.



The new clubs I got are amazing.  To further highlight some of the differences a set of clubs from PG is compared to your local club or store – here are a few things to consider.

·        All the clubs were measured using the same equipment and standards (unlike varying manufacturers / shops)

·        All of the shafts were frequency matched

·        All of the clubs were measured precisely for overall weight and swing weight

·        All of the clubs were SST balanced on a new edition SST Pure machine

·        All of my grips were constructed to perfection (after being weighed for variance) with a spine and multiple time consuming layers of thin strips of tape to gradually reduce the taper in the lower hand – a specific request from me

·        Etc etc etc

Once I picked up the clubs…I went through the entire bag on Trackman with Simon to recheck the lofts, lies, gapping etc were ALL exactly right and all on spec.  It was things like this which made soo much difference.  Half a degree of loft or lie variance ondifferent clubs to ensure perfect feel and gapping etc.  Not something you would get at any averageclub or shop fitting for sure.



The most important thing that should be notedis the fact that although you pay money at Precision Golf…when you can get fit locally to yourself for free…YOU ONLY PAY ONCE! A full bag fitting is £200 and a Gapping session is £80.  But what people don’t realise is that once you have paid your £280…that you are then a ‘customer’ and all of your fittings in the future are FREE.  Obviously you will pay for any new clubs being built and if you need adjustments made – then it’s only fair to pay them some money. But for £280, you are then custom fit and can have gapping’s anytime forthe rest of your life.  In my eye that’s the best money I have ever spent on the game of golf and I strongly advise anyone to go and get fit at Precision Golf.

For figures/facts to back that up – here is a summary of results I experienced after getting fit and gapped at Precision Golf:

·        I picked up consistency of strike with every club in the bag

·        Gained 30-35 yards on drive distance (that were straighter)

·        Better dispersion through the bag

·        Knocked 3 shots off my p.b at local course within 2 months of getting new clubs

·        Shot under par score for the first time ever within 2 months of getting new clubs

·        Gained a forensic level of knowledge about my own swing

·        Gained a huge amount of knowledge on not only what worked for me equipment wise…but WHY it worked for me in relation to my swing, game and goals.

·        I now have a full set of clubs that I won’t change for the next 4-5 years – again saving me a huge amount of money.  I spent my whole golf life getting all new clubs every 12-18months.

·        A huge injection of confidence knowing on the course that the club in my hand is perfect for distance and shot execution.  All I need to worry about now is putting a smooth swing on it.  This has been the best part of the whole thing for me and allowed me to play the best golf of my life.

Hopefully this has helped give a brief insight to the experience and will encourage some of you guys sitting on the fence to actually pull the trigger and have some tour-level clubs built for yourself.  It is 100% cheaper in the longrun and will benefit your game in a huge number of ways.

If anyone has any questions about my gear or experiences with PG…then feel free to ask.

Cheers – Tommo”


We’re always happy to hear from our clients, so if you would like to write a review of your time here at Precision Golf, feel free to shoot us an email! Thanks again to Tom for this particular post.

If you’d like more to find out more about how the correct equipment can help your game just general information on the services offered at PG then feel free to call us on +44(0)1784 470088, check out www.precisiongolf.co.uk, or email info@precisiongolf.co.uk