Titleist 714 Irons vs. 712 Irons

Titleist 714 Irons vs. 712 Irons

Trackman Comparison Of The Titleist's 2012 & 2013 Irons

It’s that time of the year again, the new products just keep on coming. We’ve already tested the new Mizuno & Taylormade irons, so it will only be fair for us to have a comprehensive look at the new Titleist 714 range. In order to make this test especially informative and useful for our followers, we thought we would have a direct test against the irons the 714’s are superseding; the 712’s. So, let’s get a move on and get to the figures!



Titleist 714 AP1 vs. Titliest 712 AP1


The AP1’s are the most forgiving irons that Titleist provide, aimed at golfers who want maximum distance while still maintaining more forgiveness on off-centre strikes and solid feel. The 712 AP1 were fantastic clubs, which perhaps didn’t get the full recognition they deserved. So, how do the new AP1’s, compare? To find out, we put Simon on Trackman, and the results are as follows:















So, looking at the results, there isn’t too much difference in performance at all. The 714 AP1 launched slightly higher, which is due to Titleist’s ‘Advanced CG height progression’, which helps to launch longer irons higher while keeping shorter irons at a more consistent flatter height, in order to increase distance.

However, the one difference Simon commented on was that the 714 AP1’s were slightly more forgiving, which is good news for those looking for a club to give maximum forgiveness for off-centre strikes, while still maintaining good distance and control.

Verdict – Small improvement in forgiveness while maintaining the same distance and performance gives the 714 AP1 the edge, although only just!



Titleist 714 AP2 vs Titleist 712 AP2


So, moving on the AP2’s! The AP2’s are forged, multi-material irons that try and maintain the distance and high-level of forgiveness of the AP1’s, while allowing better feel and workability in the forged head. According to Titliest, the 714 AP2 feature increased playability and forgiveness over the 712’s, maintaining ball speed more consistently off the face, even when the strike isn’t centred. Let’s see what Trackman says!














First things first, once again we can see that overall performance is very similar. With Simon’s clubhead speed 1.5mp/h faster with the 714, it should add about 3 yards, which is consistent with the carry and total distance results shown above. The AP2 has always been a very popular and solid performing head, so you can understand that not too much would change between this range. However, the added forgiveness is very noticeable (much more than the difference in the AP1’s), meaning that Titleist have managed to make a very good head that bit better, appealing to players of differing abilities.

Verdict – 714 AP2 once again takes this one. Although performance is once again very similar, with no real improvements in distance or spin rates, there is a real improvement in the forgiveness of the head. This will make the AP2’s much more accessible, so I can see the 714 AP2’s being a very popular choice this year.



Titleist 714 CB vs Titleist 712 CB

Next up, the CB’s. Again, a very popular option, especially combined with the MB’s to make progressive split-sets. Unlike the AP range, the CB’s are a forged blade with a shallow cavity back design to add forgiveness while also maintaining solid blade-like feel. This classic head has not changed too much in the past few ranges. The phrase –  ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ comes to mind.















Not too much to analyse here. Apart from a few pulled shots from Simon with the 714 CB’s (which added distance and reduced a bit of spin), performance is pretty much identical. The CB’s have always been a good head, so there was no real need for Titleist to make any big changes. However, they were always going to have to bring out a new model with the 714’s, so you can’t really fault them for basically bring out the same head with a different design.

Verdict – Visually different, identical in performance. We’ll call this one a draw!


Titleist 714 MB vs Titleist 712 MB

Finally, we have a look at the MB’s. As mentioned, these are very popular, especially when combined with the CB’s to make a split-set. The MB’s are a classic blade, which once again really can’t be changed much from previous models. However Titliest state that compared to the 712, the 714MB has an improved address profile with a slightly straighter leading edge, promoting a squarer setup. Let’s see what the stats say.



















Once again, looking at the results, there hasn’t been too much of a visible performance gain over the 712MB. Spin rates, speeds and distances are all very similar. Simon did mention that the 714 felt a touch more solid during impact compared to the 712, so it may be that the improvements lie in the feel and look of the head, rather than in performance.

Verdict – Just like the CB, we’ll call this a draw. Very similar performance, but when you have a head that is as popular as the Titleist MB’s, there’s no need to change much!


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