Vega – October 2012

Vega – October 2012

PG's Vega October 2012 Equipment Review

Vega were the first to produce forged cavity back irons, but how do their woods perform? PG’s Simon has a look at their latest offering to give you an idea of what to expect from Vega nearing the end of 2012.


RAD-03 Driver

Vega have kept a classic shape and mid-sized head, keeping the all-black appearance and general head shaping of the RAD-01 head. It is a more forgiving model than in the past but is still geared more towards the better player with a strong spin profile and mid launch rather than an “up and out” flight of many current drivers. The “Airflow Stabiliser” technology has been refined, helping aerodynamics and as a result improving head stability through the swing ad at impact. The addition of an external weight in the rear of the head  helps control overall club balance and club length with the varying shaft weights in the market.





Noticeably larger than the previous RAF-02 fairway wood and as a result much more user-friendly and forgiving. The flatter sole is designed to help the head sit neatly behind the ball and the deep weight positioning (adjustable as with the driver head) promotes an easy launch off the turf with mid spin. It shares the same “Airflow Stabiliser” technology as the driver, maintaining the classic shape of this range and the all black finish helps the head not look overly large.






A slightly altered version of the previous VU-02 showing a marginally more compact head shape and neater appearance than previous models due to the all-black finish. This more compact shape helps to take spin lower and produce a more penetrating flight as well giving it an iron-like performance but with extra forgiveness. Again this shares the adjustable weight in the sole for fine tuning head weight and overall club balance.






For more information on the 2012 Vega range then take a look at or feel free to contact the PG Team on +441784 470088 or with your questions!