Yonex 2012

Yonex 2012

PG's Yonex 2012 Equipment Review

At PG we’re proud to be able to fit Yonex’s latest 2012 equipment range, and PG fitters Simon and Jack have cast their knowledgeable eyes over this year’s offerings to see how they stack up.

Precision-Golf_Yonex-e Zone-Forged Blade-MB IronYonex E-Zone Forged MB Iron

A pure blade head, very classic and traditional muscle-back design with the solid and balanced feel of a well-made head. The muscle back design maximises control over the ball flight, however minimises forgiveness the centre of gravity is positioned more towards the heel for consistent spin performance in the short irons and more towards the toe in the long irons for more release of the toe and directional consistency. Not a head for the faint-hearted but exceptionally pretty and very rewarding when struck purely.

Precision-Golf_Yonex-e-Zone-forged PB IronYonex E-Zone Forged PB Iron

The cut away “Pocket Back” design of these head produces much greater forgiveness over the muscle-back design head and a deeper weight positioning promotes greater MOI and higher launch but a fairly strong loft helps to keep the flight from popping up off the face. The forged material produces a soft and consistent feel off the face but Yonex have managed to keep a fairly classic shape and size to the head, much the same design profile and style as the Titleist AP2 or Mizuno MP53. A very good head overall and one that should not be overlooked in favour of the more familiar brand names.

Precision-Golf_Yonex-e Zone-DriverYonex E-Zone Driver (450/420cc)

Yonex have gone for a classic styling on their latest drivers. The composite crown allows the centre of gravity to be deepened in the head without increasing head size and also promotes a solid sound and feel off the face as the composite dampens the sound making it less tinny than other heads. The looks and styling will suit the player wanting a traditional look with the 420cc head producing a low base launch profile and the 450cc head a more mid launch. Relative to launch off the heads they are both mid spin heads so will suit the lower spin player.

Precision-Golf_Yonex-e Zone-FairwayYonex E-Zone Fairway Woods

This shares a compact, classic look with the driver and will suit the player looking for a more traditional head. A carbon crown helps weight positioning within the head and allows a deeper head profile to match with a mid to high launch angle making it very playable off the deck whilst sitting very neutrally at address. Mid launch and spin it is a more versatile and forgiving head than it looks.

Precision-Golf_Yonex-e Zone-HybridYonex E-Zone Hybrids

A compact and clean head with a more rounded toe line than many other heads. Again the use of the carbon crown makes this a higher flighted and more forgiving head than it looks and is easy to get up and out off the deck too. The metallic colour of the face is extended slightly onto the crown to produce a clean line behind the ball and help alignment with a “shaved” leading edge helping to reduce drag through the turf at impact and improve consistency. A good head for someone looking for a wood-like head and a soft landing shot.

Precision-Golf_Yonex-e Zone-Composite IronYonex E-Zone Composite Iron

The head mixes a stainless steel cast body to the head with a Tungsten insert in the sole to deepen the CG and increase MOI and launch profile. The face is also a maraged steel, increasing the strength of the face material and increasing ball speed off the face. This allied to a strong base loft profile makes it quite a long hitting head and the forgiving nature makes it very easy to use also. There is more offset than the Forged PB iron, however it shows a similar shape and size of head making it quite a neat head shape for a head of this performance.

Precision-Golf_Yonex-e Zone-WedgeYonex E-Zone Forged Wedge

A very classic shaped wedge with a tight head shape and size. Based on a Tour-style design the sole has a relieved back edge to aid versatility when opening the face and to promote a more even bounce profile when opening the face. The Forged head material is something that has not been used too much in the past (however several manufacturers are starting to do this more of late) and helps with consistency of ball speed and spin profile improving consistency of flight and distance. A very pretty club, the classic look and performance is this wedge’s trademark.


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For more information on the 2012 Yonex range then take a peek at www.yonex.co.uk/golf or feel free to give the PG Team a shout on +441784 470088 or info@precisiongolf.co.uk with your questions!