Yonex Ladies 2012

Yonex Ladies 2012

PG's Yonex Ladies' 2012 Equipment Review

Yonex are forging ahead with their 2012 range of Ladies-specific clubs and our PG fitters have had a good look round the range to see what could make Yonex one of the leading Women’s equipment manufacturers of the year!

Yonex E-Zone SD Ladies Driver

This has a classic pear shape to the head, incorporating the composite crown of other Yonex Drivers to position the internal weighting of the head to its optimum position. This has been pushed deep and low in the head for optimum launch and spin performance, slightly more so than the Men’s drivers to produce a marginally higher flight and greater stability on off-centre strikes. This model also comes in higher base lofts, specifically for the Ladies market as the golf balls have reduced spin over the last few years making a higher initial launch angle all the more important.


Yonex E-Zone SD Ladies Fairway Woods

This head shares a similar classic shape as the Driver, also incorporating a carbon crown to deepen the Centre of Gravity and promote a higher launching and more forgiving head. It has a shallower face than the Men’s model helping to produce more confidence at address and a higher launch profile off the fairway and the lofts are also higher than the Men’s model with the 3 wood at 18 degrees rather than the Men’s at 15 degrees. The white painted grooves help to show all the face and the loft at address.


Precision-Golf_Yonex-Ladies_e Zone-SD-HybridYonex E-Zone SD Ladies Hybrids

A very similar shape to the Fairway wood with a relatively rounded appearance and slightly larger profile to the Men’s model. The composite crown helps lower the weighting in the head for higher launch and the white grooves help to show all the face and loft at address for confidence when stood over the ball. As with the Men’s model a good hybrid for a wood-like performance and a forgiving head with high launching profile.


Precision-Golf_Yonex-Ladies_e Zone-SD-IronsYonex E-Zone SD Ladies Iron

This is a very similar head to the Men’s Composite iron with the same depth of weighting, Tungsten insert in the sole and maraged face for high ball speed, forgiveness and all around playability. An offset hosel helps to promote a higher launch angle and greater release of the toe through the ball but, unlike many other Ladies iron models, it has a relatively clean head shape. This means the sole width is not overly great allowing the head to get under the ball through impact and promoting a clean strike.


Don’t forget we’re able to fit appropriate shafts for women to almost any head type so why not check out the Yonex Men’s club review here!

For more information on the 2012 Yonex range then take a peek at www.yonex.co.uk/golf or feel free to give the PG Team a shout on +441784 470088 or info@precisiongolf.co.uk with your questions!