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Golf Performance and Biomechanics Assessments

Physical Strength and Weakness Assessment

Many golfers find it is difficult to consistently produce the swing movements that they need to produce routinely good results…

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Callaway Launches MD3 Milled Wedges

3 Grinds. 3 Grooves. Get Up and Down From Anywhere.

The MD3 Milled Wedges have the versatility and selection for every shot, every course condition, and every swing.

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PING Goes Long With COR-Eye Technology

PING Unveils Irons, Wedges, Putters

Achieving significant performance gains by engineering without sacrificing other key design attributes…

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Which Wedge to Choose?

Getting Your Wedge Lineup Correct

What most golfers don’t know is that choosing golf wedges on the basis of the design and condition of the course(s) they play is very important for getting the correct complement of wedges…

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Stay Tuned – 2015 PGA Trade Show, Orlando

Team PG Are Heading to the USA!

It’s that time of year again and next week Simon and James will be making their annual pilgrimage to Orlando, Florida to attend the 2015 PGA Trade Show.

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The S3 Shaft Testing Machine

The latest in golf shaft tech is coming to PG...!

The R&D department of Cool Clubs LLC based in Scottsdale, AZ is about to launch the S3 Shaft Testing Machine designed to help us to help you play even better golf. We’ll be visiting the PGA Show in Orlando in just a couple of weeks to see this machine unveiled.

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Golf Shaft DNA

Deciphering the make-up of golf shafts

Every golf shaft is different and as unique as a finger print, not just amongst different brands but also amongst models from the same manufacturer…

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Club Maker’s Truths – Part Five: Flexi-Fit – R, S or X?

A bunch of letters, but what do they mean?

We’re all familiar with the terms L, R, S and X. But what do these actually mean and is flex really that important?

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Club Maker’s Truths – Part Four: Are You Getting the Real Deal?

Part Four of the Equipment Blog Series

PG’s James looks at how not all might be as it seems when buying a stock club…

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Club Maker’s Truths – Part Three: “Can You Tolerate It?”

Part Three Of Our Latest Equipment Blog Series!

PG’s James takes a look at the differing performance off-the-shelf drivers!

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