Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting

Precision-Golf_Custom Fitting_Tony JohnstonPrecision Golf is the leading provider of custom fitted golf clubs. Our extensive expertise and knowledge in the field are tailored to your personalised needs.

While our state-of-the-art technology helps to identify each individual’s profile, our task at Precision Golf is ultimately to guide each player to the right equipment from the literally millions -of possible component permutations; and to assemble each head, shaft and grip exactingly to the appropriate specifications.

In particular, the technical data required for effective equipment analysis requires expert interpretation, with all advice carefully considered in the context of a player’s individual objectives, physiology, playing needs and mental approach, as well as their tuition plans and budget.

Our approach therefore encourages the detailed input of each golfer, helping us to understand why they are experiencing difficulties in the first place. In this way, rather than simply telling each client what clubs to play with, we work together to assess our interpretation of objective data in their individual context. Effective clubfitting is therefore as much an art as a science.

While the perfect golf swing is a lifelong quest, our experience shows that the vast majority of golfers can benefit from a personalised equipment makeover that delivers improved distance, accuracy and enjoyment without a necessary commitment to a change in technique.

Precision-Golf_Custom Fitting_PG Ball FlightsCustom Fitting Services

PG can carry out many different types of consultations specifically tailored to the aspect/s of your bag you want us to look at.  From Driver-specific fittings, all the way up to the all-encompassing Full Bag Consultation, we’ll work with you to work out what the best consultation would be and subsequently analyse exactly what is going on in that area of the bag.

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Brands On Offer

Here at PG we pride ourselves on our completely unbiased and independent opinions and advice, which allows us to be able to stock almost every head, shaft, and grip componen manufacturer and brand out there.  Only when a client has access to everything on the market can a truly objective and as optimal as possible specification be created – with access to everything, and the ability to fit any combination of components in the market right now, we can come up with an optimal spec whether that be for your existing clubs or for brand new equipment.

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