Custom Fitting Services

Custom Fitting Services

Precision-Golf_Custom Fitting_Putter Milling_01At PG, we can offer all types of consultations and services completely tailored to the individual requirements of a player.

From the all encompassing Full Bag Fitting Consultation covering every club in the bag, to specific fittings aimed at separate parts of the set most relevant or prioritised for a player, such as a Driver Fitting, we can assess and analyse to find out what the most optimal set-up for a player’s equipment is.

An important part of what Precision Golf can offer is the optimisation and specification of not only brand new clubs, but with clients’ existing equipment as well.  Adjustments of varying kinds can be made to equipment in order to get them to play as optimally as possible, and these are avenues we are happy to explore in any of the fittings on offer.

Below are just some of the Fitting Consultations and services available at PG, and you can click each one to find out more about what they entail:


Club Alteration Services

To book a Consultation with PG, or to find out more about what we can do for you and your clubs, just call +44(0)1784 470088, or email