Technology is at the forefront of everything Precision Golf is about – we use the latest and most accurate technological advances in the golf industry to ensure every single club that is fitted in our Studio and subsequently built in our Workshop is done so to the highest, most accurate specifications and measurements possible.


We have upgraded to the very latest SST PURE SPECS Machine as found on the USPGA SST Tour Van, one of only a handful of these machines in Europe.  The addition of this machine, launched at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, allows us to operate not only at a higher capacity but more efficiently.

If you’re not already familiar with SST PURE, we incorporate this technology into every club we build to ensure that offline shaft bending or twisting is minimised so that shafts perform for the exact characteristics they have been selected for.  It is similar to an airport trolley with a sticking wheel that wants to consistently pull you off line from your intended direction of travel.

Find out more about SST PURE-ing here.

TrackmanTM Launch Monitors

As a fitting tool the TrackmanTM Launch Monitor has many facets that help to get the best from one’s clubs.  Primarily it gives us an accurate measurement of the ball dynamics in flight, which identifies how efficiently the clubs are performing and through testing with varying options of shaft weight, bend profile, flex and club loft, it provides hard evidence which helps to identify the best club set up for a player.

Find out more about TrackmanTM here.

Milling Machine

Precision Golf have acquired an industrial milling machine which will help alleviate club balance (swingweight) issues associated with club head weight typically found in wedges, which can also to be attributed to putters too.

Find out more about our Milling Machine here.

Character Stamping and Monogramming

Something you would normally expect to see on the equipment of Tour Professionals, we can now offer this technique to personalise your own clubs with initials, marking the loft allowing you to identify them if the numbers have been ground from the sole, or even marking your full, 3/4 or 1/2 yardage distances.

Find out more about our Milling Machine here.