Character Stamping and Monogramming

Character Stamping and Monogramming

Custom Club Stamping is a great way of personalising your clubs to give them that extra-special touch, and at PG we can stamp almost any word or phrase you might like and fill it with a colour of your choice!

We personalise wedges with your own identity by stamping characters into the back of the club head. This can then be paint filled in a variety of colours to create your own “signature” and colour scheme on your clubs, just like the players out on tour do!

But it’s all very well telling you about the process, so we thought we’d show you how it’s done – so check out the video below for a masterclass from PG Club-Builder James!


If you’d like more info on the Club Stamping Services, or on any of the personalisation and fitting services PG can offer, then head to, email us on, or call +44(0)1784 470088!