Milling Machine

Milling Machine

Precision-Golf_Custom Fitting_Putter Milling_01Milling machine will help alleviate club balance (swingweight) issues associated with club head weight typically found in wedges, as well as putters.

When needing to build clubs to a certain swingweight, club headweight is one of the discerning factors. If too heavy, one of the techniques to reduce head weight is to grind and reshape the sole of the club, this removes material and lowers the weight. However, if we do not wish to disturb the characteristics of the sole for performance or aesthetic reasons, we are able to mill holes in the rear of the wedge which is often referred to in the industry as “porting”.

Similarly if we need to increase headweight, one method is to use adhesive lead tape on the rear of the club. Whilst effective this is not a durable solution. By porting wedges or putters we will soon be able to mill holes to replace extracted material with a much heavier metal in the form of machined tungsten inserts.

The milling machine will also help with putter alignment, as it will enable us to mill alignment markings, sight lines or sight dots on your favourite putter providing you with the ultimate in bespoke short game equipment.

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