Precision-Golf_Technology_SST PURE Specs Machine_01We have upgraded to the very latest SST PURE SPECS Machine as found on the USPGA SST Tour Van. The addition of this machine, launched in this year’s 2010 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, allows us to operate not only at a higher capacity but more efficiently. If you’re not already familiar with SST PURE, we incorporate this technology into every club we build to ensure that offline shaft bending or twisting is minimised so that shafts perform for the exact characteristics they have been selected for. It is similar to an airport trolley with a sticking wheel that wants to consistently pull you off line from your intended direction of travel.

Many people have often commented that surely this technology is only suitable for the better golfer as they can “feel” the difference. We have found that all levels of golfers benefit to the same extent. Typical comments from clients who now play SST PUREd shafts are straighter mis-hits, more consistent yardage and fewer errant shots. For this reason we truly believe that every golfer will see improvements from SST PURE technology, yet another variable eliminated from the equation to provide you with optimal performing clubs.

The fact is, no shaft is perfectly round, straight or stiff throughout its length. Despite modern manufacturing techniques every golf shaft, whether steel or composite, remains as unique as a fingerprint and cannot be fully analyzed until after the shaft has been manufactured.

The PPOP, or principal planar oscillation plane, is the plane of assembly in which the shaft is the most stable when striking the ball. The SST PURE┬« process involves identifying the inherent asymmetries within each shaft. Using patent-pending state-of-the-art computer analysis, SST PURE ┬« pinpoints and correctly aligns the PPOP in the clubhead to optimize shaft stability and performance — ensuring the uniform matching of clubs within a set and allowing each club to perform to the best of its manufactured capability.

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